Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Halifax – Following up on a strong debate performance and a successful series of events in Nova Scotia, NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp has secured two key endorsements from Nova Scotia MLAs.

MLAs Mat Whynott (Hammonds Plains-Upper Sackville) and Lenore Zann (Truro-Bible Hill) both announced their support for Topp today, saying his leadership skills, his strength across the country, and his grasp of the issues facing Nova Scotia families make him the best choice to be NDP leader and eventually Prime Minister.

Whynott, who was the youngest MLA ever elected in Nova Scotia history, currently serves as the government caucus whip.

“Brian has shown he has the passion, the skills, and the deep commitment to NDP values we need in a leader,” said Whynott. “He knows how to reach out to young voters. With Brian as our leader, we will build on the NDP’s success in every region of the country.”

Zann, a renowned performer and writer who became a New Democrat MLA in 2009, said Topp’s understanding and commitment to arts and culture is one of the reasons she is endorsing him.

"Brian Topp has my complete support,” said Zann, an award-winning actor, writer and producer with 33 years of experience in film, TV, radio and theatre.

“My personal experience of his commitment to the arts in Canada and growing the creative economy, his work as a top negotiator for ACTRA, his strategic planning experience with Jack Layton, his solid Quebec background and impeccable French, his inclusive NDP ideals and his vision for the kind of Canada I believe in, all make Brian Topp an ideal leader to challenge Prime Minister Harper - and win!"

Topp, who was a key aide to Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow in the 90s and served as the federal NDP’s campaign director twice under Jack Layton has already earned considerable endorsements in the party.

Former leader Ed Broadbent, and former Saskatchewan Premiers Roy Romanov and Lorne Calvert have all endorsed Topp. Former MP Peter Mancini and former provincial party president Marian Mancini are co-chairing his Nova Scotia campaign.