Nova Scotia health minister Maureen MacDonald backs Topp

Friday, March 16, 2012


March 16, 2012 HALIFAX - Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health in Nova Scotia’s NDP government, announced today that she would be supporting Brian Topp for the leadership of the federal NDP.

“Brian is a fierce defender of public health care in this country and a champion of equality in all shapes and forms,” said MacDonald. “His message of a fairer, greener and more prosperous Canada is one which resonates with me.”

MacDonald was first elected in 1998 to represent the provincial riding of Halifax Needham and has been re-elected four times. Over her fourteen years in office she has served in a number of high-profile positions, including Caucus Chair, Education Critic and Critic for the Status of Women. Before entering politics she was a professor, social worker and community activist. She is currently the Minister of Health and Wellness.

“In 2009, the Nova Scotia NDP swept to power after decades of hard work at the grassroots level. People like Maureen were instrumental in that victory, and I’m extremely excited to have her on my team,” said Topp.  

“I am very impressed with Brian’s plan to tackle child poverty and make life affordable for Canadians,” continued MacDonald. “I know that his promises to improve child nutrition and access to child care are of critical importance to my constituents.”


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