Derek Corrigan, Mayor of Burnaby, B.C. endorses Brian Topp to lead NDP

Monday, March 12, 2012

BURNABY – Following a strong debate performance in the final NDP leadership debate, Brian Topp today received a major endorsement from Derek Corrigan the Mayor of Burnaby, British Columbia.

“I have met with all the candidates, looked closely at their proposals, and watched this debate unfold very closely,” said Corrigan.   “I have determined that Brian Topp is the best candidate to lead the NDP, defeat Stephen Harper, and elect a new national NDP government.”

First elected Mayor in 2002, Corrigan is one of Canada’s most successful progressive mayors.  According to a 2009 survey by Maclean’s magazine, Burnaby is Canada’s best-run city. 

Under Mayor Corrigan’s leadership, Burnaby is a national leader on environmental sustainability, transit, economic development, and the cost-effective delivery of public services.

“In my view, Brian has demonstrated the right combination of skills and vision to win the election and lead an effective and progressive government,” said Corrigan.

“Brian worked at the heart of a successful NDP government.  He is fluently bilingual.  And he knows what he stands for.    Brian understands that to win, New Democrats must put forward a bold agenda and deliver on it one practical step at a time.  That’s how you lead a vibrant and growing city like Burnaby.  And that’s how New Democrats can lead the country.”

Topp thanked Mayor Corrigan for his support calling him an inspiration to progressive Canadians everywhere who want government to be a force for positive change.

“I am deeply honoured to have Mayor Corrigan’s support,” said Topp.  “He is the kind of leader that is showing the way for New Democrats who want to govern for a purpose – a better community for all our citizens.  His endorsement is a huge boost to my campaign.”