“Hands off gay marriages” NDP’s Topp warns Stephen Harper

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Regina–NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp responded today to news reports that officials of the Conservative federal government have attempted through the courts to have marriages of gays and lesbians performed in Canada declared null and void, by warning Prime Minster Harper to back-off on an assault on thousands of legally married couples.

“To all those couples in Canada and abroad who were legally married in our country and who today are worried today that the sanctity of their marriage is threatened – I say take courage, Canadians will support you, we honour equality, we honour the law, we honour the decisions of our parliament, and we will see that your marriages are upheld.” Mr. Topp said today at a campaign stop in Saskatchewan.

Topp was responding to reports that Sean Gaudet, a lawyer acting for the federal government of Canada intervened in a court application for divorce, to argue that the marriage of a lesbian couple, originally from Florida and the UK, performed in Canada, was neither legal nor binding.

“Gay marriage was made legal by an act of the parliament of Canada, and speaking as someone with some experience at the federal and provincial levels of Canadian politics, I do not for a moment believe anything like this attack could have happened without the knowledge and, at least tacit, blessing of the Prime Minister or his senior political advisers and therefore it is up to Stephen Harper to make it right.” Topp said.

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