Topp Calls For National Child Nutrition Program, Expanded Pharmacare Coverage In Major Initiative Aimed At Supporting For Families

Thursday, January 26, 2012


TORONTO – NDP Leadership candidate Brian Topp today proposed a national child nutrition program and expanded pharmacare coverage as part of a major initiative aimed at providing support for Canadian families.
“It’s getting harder and harder for Canadian families to make ends meet,” said Topp.  “Child poverty is going up, household debt is at record levels, and many seniors can’t afford to retire in dignity.”
“The Harper government likes to talk about families, but in reality it is undermining and destroying the supports our society offers families.  A New Democrat government under my leadership will make support for Canadian families a top priority.”
In a policy paper released today called Support for Families (available at Topp proposed the following initiatives:
  1. Re-committing to child care, child nutrition, and to reducing child poverty in Canada;
  2. Safeguarding and renewing our system of universal public health care, and implementing a national pharmacare program;
  3. Addressing serious shortfalls in family reunification in our immigration system;
  4. Addressing serious shortfalls in Canada’s income security system, beginning with our pension system;
  5. Continuing to advocate for the rights of LGBTQ families and preserve the rights they have fought so hard to attain.
Support for Families is the sixth in a series of policy papers released by the Topp campaign with more to follow in the coming weeks.  Each paper can be found at